Family Legacy Estate Sale Services

Our knowledgeable staff will expertly appraise and evaluate your collection(s). Seeing as we specialize in various types of collections, we bring over 30 years of knowledge and expertise to our evaluations that other estate sellers cannot match. View the list of items we Buy and Sell for more specifics, keeping in mind that this is only a partial listing. We are here to help you sell whatever item(s) you have. For more information on how we can help you, contact us at 630-386-5299 or click here and fill out our contact form.


We offer two types of appraisal services to meet your needs. In-person appraisal services can be done for a low price of $50 while a free online appraisal is available.

An in-person appraisal service is done either at your home or at a specified location where our experts can evaluate your item(s). An online appraisal service is done via email or other online source. You send us your photos of your item(s) and we can determine if there is value to proceeding with a sale or consignment.

If you consign or sell your items with Family Legacy, then the $50 appraisal fee will be applied to the sale or consignment.

Should more information need to be gathered with an in-person appraisal, a fee of $50 will be charged to you; this fee is then applied to the sale or consignment should you choose to work with Family Legacy Estate Sale.


Selling an item yourself takes time, knowledge and effort. Not only does it take time to research where to sell your item, it will take time to photograph and describe your item. For just a small fee, you can keep your free time for yourself and family by consigning your items to us. Family Legacy will do everything you need to garner the most value for your item(s). We will do the research, photograph, describe what you’re selling. We will determine the best venue for selling, collect the money and pack and ship the item(s). All you’ll have to do is cash the check!

Click Here to view our consignment agreement.


Looking for an immediate return for your items? If consignment is not for you, Family Legacy may want to buy your items in an outright sale. No selling fees* are involved and we pay you. We will fairly appraise your items and make you an offer. This may be a great alternative for those who are not interested in consigning items due to time or other needs.

* If an in-person appraisal is used, a $50 fee will apply.

Want to understand our process more? View our introduction presentation or watch our Consignment vs Outright Sale video. Contact us by calling (630) 386-5299 or click here.