Age Does Not Necessarily Apply in Silver Stacking

For those of you that are interested in collecting silver (known as Silver Stacking in the trade), you may find it interesting that age does not necessarily mean more value. Oftentimes the age of an item can be a key driver of the value mainly because age typically translates directly to how scarce the item is.

For coin silver stacking, this general rule does not always apply. Sometimes how a coin was designed and manufactured will dictate how much silver is used. The example I use in this video is a comparison of Barber quarters (minted between 1892 and 1916) vs a stack of Washington quarters (minted 1960 and 1964). You can see that the more recent Washington quarter stack is taller than the much older Barbar quarter stack. Because both sets of coins are made of solid silver, the more recent quarter set is more valuable because with silver stacking is about the total amount of silver (weight, oz).

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