You Never Know

You never know where you might find your next great collectible!

You never know when you may wonder into a great collectible find. You may find yourself in the presence of a collectible that someone is selling that you have no idea what its worth it. I recently found myself in this position when I decided to go to a moving sale (garage sale). I don’t typically go to these types of sales but this time I decided why not. At the sale I found a box of 10 electronic track “slot cars”. Not knowing anything about slot cars I asked the seller what she wanted for them. She quoted me $15. Seeing that this was a minimal investment I figured I would give it a shot. The main reason I purchased the box was because it also had an accessory kit that was dated 1964. My hope was that if the kit was that old, maybe the cars are from the same time-frame.

I got online to do some research and discovered that these slot cars are quite expensive. I estimate the total value of the slot cars to be about $400. Great find! Even though I did not have any background on this kind of vintage toy collectible, I use some deductive reasoning and was willing to take a small chance. This time around it really paid off! Keep your eyes and mind open and you never know where you might get your next great collectible find!

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