Keep the Boxes!

If you ever think you might have the inclination that you will resell the toys that you have purchased for a child or for yourself, you should follow one simple rule… keep the original box the toy came in. If you have the original box for your toys it will add a lot of value to your item. People absolutely love the original boxes for vintage toys. The original box dramatically increases the overall value of the item as it helps to command a premium. Most collectors want the vintage toy collectible as close as possible in having all of its original parts and accessories, this includes the original box. 

Having the original box means a lot to the total resale value. Collectors love vintage boxes even if the box is not in mint or perfect condition. Loose (without box) items will have value but a vintage toy in its original box could command roughly 30 to 35% more in overall resale value. My advice to you is to keep your boxes just in case you want to sell one day.

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